Photography By Al Lapkovsky



Al Lapkovsky is a critically acclaimed international photographer with a major emphasis on surrealist imagery. Having begun his photographic journey in London in 2003, Lapkovsky has always been attuned to the endless potential of photographic experimentation, challenging conventional notions of photography and providing the viewer with an opportunity to visualise subconscious and let loose the power of imagination. Born in Daugavpils, Latvia in 1981, of Russian decent, Lapkovsky has managed to create photographic imagery that possesses keen transcendental quality imperceptibly switching back and forth from reality to absurdity. Though big part of Lapkovsky's works employs black-and-white technique, the photographer is not averse to colour, only to create an even more eccentric work with exaggerated mental and internal representations, making perception of them edgily acute. His works often seem frozen in the moment, bearing an unpolished emotion, a dream, a fantasy or a secret. He says of his work "In my photography I'm trying to show to the audience that within the artistic interpretations of the world around and inside us everything is possible. In everyday life we can rarely see something extraordinary, but within art it's always a mix of dreams, fantasies and reality. Seeing something surreal next to the ordinary, helps the viewer to use one's imagination and build a story around my photographs."

Working in post-production to create new out of old, as well as being continuously motivated to develop edgy visual concepts focusing around human expression within the inter-spaces of cultural and built systems, the photographer uses various photographic skills, masterfully employing special techniques of light and lenses, as well as photomontage and multiple exposure technique. The result has won Lapkovsky international award recognition and critical acclaim with more than twenty prestigious solo- and group shows in Europe and abroad, having become part of his extensive, visually influential portfolio.

For the last 15 years, he has worked in the heart of the creative industry contributing to national and international magazines, creating ad campaigns, shooting editorial stories and working on book covers. Please have a look at Al's portfolio and get in touch if you wish to discuss your project. Al is available for bookings worldwide and will be happy to visualise your idea for you.

Artistic achievements:

Young Portfolio Acquisition, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan

Young Portfolio Acquisition, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan

Young Portfolio Acquisition, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan

Macquarie Photography Prize, Australia

Group Exhibition, Art of Photography Show, US
final selection, London International Creative Competition, UK

group exhibition, Gammelgaard Monochrome 2011, Denmark
group exhibition, 2011 Michael H. Kellicutt International Photo Show, US
The Royal Photographic Society 154th International Print Exhibition, UK

4th Annual Juried Exhibition 2010, Plates to Pixels, US
Silver Medal, The Royal Photographic Society 153rd
International Print Exhibition, UK
commended, My East End photographic exhibition, UK

"Time and Tide", solo show, Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street, London, UK
Young Portfolio Acquisition, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan
The Royal Photographic Society 152nd International Print Exhibition, UK

Young Portfolio Acquisition, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan
The Royal Photographic Society 151st International Print Exhibition, UK

group exhibition, “Cheshire Landscape”, Borey Art Centre, Russia
Exhibition of First International Juried Competition, Plates to Pixels, US
Overall winner, “Rare Character”, Smirnoff Black, UK
2nd place, Harman Photo Inkjet Competition, UK

group exhibition, The National Art Gallery of Kosova, Kosovo
3rd place, Kentmere Open Photo Awards, UK
Honourable Mention, International Photography Awards, USA
4th Annual Photoworkshop Digital Imaging Competition,
5th place, Photo Illustration, USA
SanDisk “Go to Extremes” Digital Photo, Honourable Mention, USA
FREVD Gallery/Bar Solo Exhibition

Fuji Distinction Merit, UK
The Royal Photographic Society 148th International Print Exhibition, UK
“Black and White Magazine”, Spotlight, US
group exhibition, Tom Blau Gallery, London, UK

group exhibition “European Work”, Innsbruck (Austria), Ancona (Italy), Luton (UK)
The Royal Photographic Society 147th International Print Exhibition, UK
honourable mention, 5th Polaroid International Photography Award, USA
group exhibition, Tom Blau Gallery, London, UK
shortlisted for “On The Wall”, British Journal of Photography, London, UK
solo exhibition, Austria

shortlisted for Young Photographer of the Year, The Times, London, UK
highly commended, Ian Parry Scholarship, London, UK
group exhibition, Tom Blau Gallery, London, UK

group exhibition, Moscow Centre of Photography, Russia


Zoom Magazine, Italy, 2011
The Wolf Magazine (artist in residence), Issue 20, UK, 2009
Digital Photographer (feature article), Issue 58, UK, 2007
Soura Magazine (cover/feature article), Issue 14, UAE, 2007
Photography Monthly, UK, 2006
Black and White Magazine, “Spotlight”, US, 2005
Filemagazine (online), US, 2005
Black and White Photography, UK, 2004/2005

Client list:

The Sunday Times Magazine
Evening Standard
The Daily Telegraph
The Design Group
Reader’s Digest
Adam Smith Conferences
Interior+Design Magazine
Antiques Magazine
Kurtz Design
Sunday Express
BW Interiors